Hannah Grassie, M.S., CCC-SLP
Founder of The Parkinson’s Report

The Parkinson’s Report has been a slow-growing brain child of mine since 2014. Time has a strange way of slipping through your fingers as you pile up work, relationships, daily tasks, and dog-duty. But here I am, close to launching the online blog portion of TPR.

My goal in creating The Parkinson’s Report is to develop a one-stop online resource and blog for 1) people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) 2) allied healthcare professionals who work with the PD community and 3) family and caregivers of people with PD. How will I accomplish such a large task, you ask? Time will tell and its success will be impacted by support from family, friends, and followers.

As a practicing speech-language pathologist I was introduced to Parkinson’s disease outside of a textbook when asked to treat a patient with PD in 2012. He quickly stole my heart and had more questions for me about the disease than I could find answers. This propelled me into motion because, well, we all want to have the answers. But more than that, we had a clinician-patient relationship that was growing increasingly important to me. Over years of working with this patient as his disease progressed, I realized that my passion didn’t have to be one or the other: working with people OR learning about a disease (a true struggle for working clinicians). This is when my focus began to shift. I started pursuing a better understanding of Parkinson’s disease in order to be a more informed clinician and an asset to the PD community.

As for my credentials and experience, I completed my master’s degree from the University of Tulsa and have my CCCs from ASHA, our national organization. I have been clinically involved with PD since 2012 and have been a groupie of the PD community since that time. For two years I led a Parkinson’s disease support group at a retirement center in Virginia and am a volunteer with Parkinson’s Foundation of the National Capitol Area in the Washington DC metro area. In May 2017 I also had the privilege of participating in the first-ever TIPS for Parkinson’s event held in Washington, D.C. with Team Fox through Michael J. Fox Foundation. I am LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) LOUD certified, which is an evidence-based intervention for people with Parkinson’s.

Thank you for visiting my blog and online resource. Additional content will be added soon!